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      Karla Dubois offers a one year warranty. We will replace or repair your product at no cost to you within this one year period. The warranty period begins on the first day of purchase from an authorized Karla Dubois retailer. Our warranty is non-transferable from the original owner. This warranty specifically applies to damage that is the result of a manufacturing defect.

      What is not covered under the warranty:

      • Normal wear and tear
      • Damage as a result of misuse, improper installation, improper storage
      • Items that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized 3rd parties


      Nature’s plush mattresses

      We will replace your mattress at no cost to you caused by material of workmanship defects. Mattress covers have a 1 year warranty and the mattress core carries a 10 year warranty. The warranty period begins one the first day of purchase from an authorized Nature’s Plush retailer. Our warranty is non-transferrable from the original owner.

      • Normal wear and tear
      • Mattresses without manufacturer's original law tag
      • Normal everyday soiling, or commercial use
      • Stains caused by non-food related liquid such grease, inks, cosmetics, bleach, alcohol, dyes, solvents, corrosives
      • Misuse such as cutting or puncture by sharp object