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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I report product defects or shipping damage?

      Please report any product issues or shipping damage to the retailer where you made your purchase.

      When should I buy conversion rails?

      We strongly recommend purchasing your crib's conversion rails as soon as you purchase your crib. Styles come in and out of popularity and, while we'd like to think all of our products will be around forever, we can't guarantee that the particular rails you need will be available several years after your original purchase.

      As for when you should actually convert your crib, every child will be different. Generally, you should transition to a toddler bed once the normal rails of your crib only come up to about 3/4 of your child's standing height with the mattress on its lowest setting, or when your child reaches 35" tall. If you're concerned that your child may be able to climb out of their crib themselves, that's a good sign its time to switch.

      Wooster Toddler Rails can be found at all of our retailers listed on the product page

      Oslo Toddler Rails (also known as Karla Dubois Toddler Rails), compatible with both Oslo and Copenhagen Cribs, are no longer available.  

      Are Oslo Toddler Rails still available?

      Olso Toddler Rails (also known as Karla Dubois Toddler Rails) are no longer available, as both the Oslo and Copenhagen Collections have been discontinued.

      What mattress size do I need?

      All of our cribs and toddler beds are designed to use a standard-sized crib mattress*. We of course recommend our cute and convenient Sleepy Bear Mattress-in-a-Box.

      The Bodhi Twin Bed is designed for a standard twin mattress (not twin-XL) with a suggested thickness of 6".

      *the Naturpedic Organic Cotton Mattress, the Sealy Organic Mattress, and any mattress with a steel-built frame or metal corners may not fit when crib is adjusted to the lowest setting.

      How do I purchase replacement parts or touch-up paint?

      Basic items such as touch-up, hardware kits, and drawer glides, can be purchased directly through our Parts Page. More complicated pieces are only available upon request, which can be done using our Contact Form.

      All replacement part and touch-up purchases are non-refundable.

      Are your cribs Greenguard Gold certified?

      Our Baby Appleseed and Karla Dubois brands were among the first to offer Greenguard Gold certified cribs. However, as we have ended our affiliation with UL as a business, we have also ended our participation in the Greenguard program.

      Since then, nothing about our manufacturing process has changed. We still build using only responsibly-sourced materials, and we still independently test all of our products to meet stringent toxicology standards. Your crib is as safe as ever, just with one less logo on the box.